Ranged - Sniper

A cold, long-ranged sniper that can end wars with a single bullet. Can mark targets for death, a warrant executed by her Raptors.



Fair Warning

Fire a flare at the target location that Marks enemy units and provides vision of the area for 4 seconds.

Marked targets can be attacked from 50% further by Vela and her Raptors, and these attacks deal a bonus 3.8 damage (3 vs heavy) to Marked targets.

Level 5: Range increased by 10; radius increased by 0.6
Level 15: Range increased by 20; radius increased by 1

Diplomatic Measures

Activate a global Cloaking Field. All of your units become cloaked and gain 30% movement speed for 6 seconds. Attacking will remove this effect.

Level 20: Duration increased by 6 seconds; movement speed bonus increased by 20%

Vela is Hamaliel's favorite problem solver, and one of the best kept secrets in the history of the Order. Vela was the most skilled assassin in the Stormguard, a Black Operations group charged with bringing about fast resolutions when the Guardians were at odds. Many decades ago a Stormguard operation sent Vela and five other Stormguard generals to assassinate a Legion general named Calypso. Calypso was warned of the assassination attempt and set traps, kidnapping the other generals before they could move into position. Vela, finding herself alone at the rendezvous, realized the trap and swore herself to the Order of Hamaliel. She secretly hopes to be reunited with her regiment, which she refers to as "awaiting the storm."

Hero Spotlight

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Attack Cooldown1.6
Attack Range12.5