Empire of Ometa

Ometa is a being split between two worlds, a fusion of an aquatic lifeform from Atlas’s old galaxy and cybernetic life from the new planet. She believes in a world built on balance, governed by a strict set of laws to ensure the continued harmony - and that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. If Ometa believes the death of an innocent could help others, she’ll tear their throat out herself.

Legion of Apophis

Like Ometa, Apophis is a hybrid of both cybernetic and organic origin, but it is a chaotic union, the two sides of him waging a constant war resulting in his body forever burning. Apophis believes the natural state of life is chaotic, of constant conflict and change. Of unrestrained freedom, whatever the cost. Only then can existance battle against the endless tide of entropy.

Horde of Gorok

Gorok is a being of living stone, and the first to be reborn from the seed. He thinks technology is unnatural and corrupt, and that all beings should return to a more primal state of living. As stubborn as the rocks he’s formed of, Gorok believes that the strongest should lead - and any who believe themselves stronger than him are welcome to prove it.

Order of Hamaliel

Hamaliel believes life is about beauty. Taking the form of a cybernetic angel, she believes the purpose of life is to strive for perfection, elegance, and purity. She is determined to convince the world that the only life worth living for is one of aesthetic perfection - and is prepared to cleanse those unable to appreciate the beauty of her philosophy.