Ranged - Control - Caster

A highly intelligent ranged hero capable of manipulating thermal energy to freeze enemies solid.




Shoot a Frostbolt towards the target location that deals 30 damage to the first target it hits and Freezes it in place for 1.8 seconds.

Freeze prevents movement, attacking, and ability use.

Level 5: Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds; freeze duration increased by 1.8.
Level 15: Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds; Frostbolt shatters on hit, damaging and slowing units behind the target.

Frozen Orb

Throw an orb of Frost that deals 15 damage (10 vs heavy) and applies Cold Snap to enemy units in its path. Collides at its destination, dealing 30 damage (20 vs heavy) to units in the impact zone and Freezing them for 1.8 seconds.

Freeze prevents movement, attacking, and ability use.

The impact does not affect air units.

Level 20: Radius increased by 1.After impacting, leaves behind a small area for 6 seconds that slows enemy movement speed by 45%.

Like his twin brother Hydros, Ryme was raised in a clergy but didn't take to the holy sect the way his brother did. Instead, Ryme was more fascinated by the legends of the Frozen Isles, a strip of islands inhabited by powerful hermits capable of the conjuring the elements. When he came of age, Ryme seeked them out and learned their talents, earning himself a reputation as a prodigy. After his training, Ryme returned to Ometa to serve as an advisor where she tasked him with the recruitment of potential allies. By this directive, Ryme found himself traveling across the desolate frostplains where he befriended a group of nomads that spent their lives tracking and taming the mighty Ice Frogs. The nomads came to extol Ryme as a demigod and sought to train under him and honor him as their master.

Hero Spotlight

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Attack Cooldown1.4
Attack Range10