About the Game

Guardians of Atlas is a unique MOBA-RTS hybrid (“army battler”) for Windows and Mac which combines the action-packed, hero-centric gameplay of a MOBA and the economy, territory control, and individual unit control of an RTS. In our first game mode, Skirmish, two teams of three players (3v3, PvP or bots) build and upgrade their armies, fight to destroy the enemy’s base, and summon titans — powerful units that help a team push forward. Players with a MOBA background will find the gameplay to have more depth and strategy while players with an RTS background will enjoy the frequent battling and unique army compositions. Competitive players will enjoy our replay system (every game is recorded and shareable) and post-game analytics.

About the Studio

Artillery was founded in 2013 by three ex-Googlers, Ankur Pansari, Ian Langworth and Mark Logan. The company is located in Palo Alto, has 18 employees, and has raised $11m total ($2.5m in 2013, $8.5m in 2014) from investors including Tencent, First Round Capital, Signia Venture Partners and Lowercase Capital. Artillery began by building an HTML5 browser gaming platform but later pivoted into building a real-time, multiplayer, free-to-play PC game.


Open Alpha Introduction
Watch more videos on  youtube.com/guardiansofatlas


Quick Facts


based in Palo Alto, California

Studio founding date

April, 2012

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Twitter: @PlayGOA

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Steven Arcangeli
Software Engineer
Bob Archibald
Art Lead
Justin Bintz
3D Artist
Eric Burkhart
Community (Emeritus)
John Carter
VFX Artist
Micah Catlin
Software Engineer
Harrison McKenzie Chapter
Software Engineer
Abdi Dahir
Software Engineer
Thibaut Despoulain
Software Engineer
Jordan Green
Game Designer
Neal Kanodia
Software Engineer
Brandon LaFrance
3D Artist
Ian Langworth
CEO & Co-Founder
Wu Liu
Concept Artist
Mark Logan
Engineer & Co-Founder
Chris Magovern
Lead Animator
Thao Nguyen
Head of HR
Bobby Prochnow
Lead Game Designer
Sean "Day9" Plott
Lead Game Designer (Emeritus)
Li Jia Tan
Art Director

Additonal Art

Adam deGrandis
Abe Ong
Su Park
Don Pham
Jaehee Song
Guillaume Tiberghien

Additional Programming

Jono Spiro
Cihan Özçelik
Nicholas Ray

Special Thanks

Tristan Brand
Manoj Koushik
Ankur Pansari
Brit Weisman