Gameplay Overview - Grath

Gameplay Overview - Grath

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Fast-Paced Action RTS

Guardians of Atlas combines hero-centric, arena-style gameplay with the individual unit control of a real-time strategy game. Choose your hero and build your army, play online against humans or bots, and summon powerful titans to achieve victory!

Hydros —  The Tidal Knight

A stalwart hero with extended melee attack range and potent healing abilities.
Coming soon...

Ryme —  The Frozen Sage

A highly intelligent ranged hero capable of manipulating thermal energy to freeze enemies solid.
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Alder —  Lord of Vines

A well-rounded ranged geomancer hero that can control plant life and the forces of nature to incapacitate foes.
Coming soon...

Grath —  The Primitive Engineer

A sturdy ranged hero with a blunderbuss that can place protective barriers on units and tap into an inner primal rage.
Grath - Gameplay Overview

Celesta —  The Shadow Rose

A brilliant, cold tactician with a ranged attack and the ability to conjure light energy to reveal areas or to eliminate entire armies.
Coming soon...

Vela —  The Elegant Assassin

A cold, long-ranged sniper that can end wars with a single bullet. Can mark targets for death, a warrant executed by her Raptors.
Coming soon...

Eris —  Bringer of Chaos

An unstable, hard-hitting archer hero who lives to cause chaos in the form of inimitable destruction.
Coming soon...

Vex —  Heart of the Volcano

A dangerous pyromaniac with adept control over fire. Has a potent attack, and even more potent fire abilities.
Coming soon...
Guardians of Atlas – Build 239 Patch Notes

Guardians of Atlas – Build 239 Patch NotesSeptember 1st, 2016

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Community Tournament: Results!

Community Tournament: Results!August 31st, 2016

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Public Open Alpha begins 8/26 at 9am PST!

Public Open Alpha begins 8/26 at 9am PST!August 18th, 2016

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