Ranged - Control - Caster

A well-rounded ranged geomancer hero that can control plant life and the forces of nature to incapacitate foes.



Living Vines

Conjure a line of vines that disables enemy movement for 4 seconds.

Level 5: Rooted units now take 5 damage per second.
Level 15: Spawns 4 Saplings along the vines.

Deeproot Terror

Grow a Deeproot Terror at a target location that lasts 25 seconds. Every 5 seconds, the Deeproot Terror explodes, dealing 30 damage to enemy units and stunning them for 3 seconds.

Does not affect air units.

Level 20: Deeproot Terror gains 200 Physical Resist and Magical Resist; radius increased by 1.5; spawns 6 Saplings around itself.

When the seed of Atlas fell to Arctora, Alder was created with the knowledge of an ancient form of druidic magic. Gorok's affinity for those who could control nature attracted him to Alder and recruited him to his council. Alder came to serve as the Father of the Grove, a lab which researches the effect of Atlas’s unusual soil on plant-life. Alder is obsessed with his work and is intent on creating more and more powerful creations. Like Grath, he believes that the key to Gorok's victory is the marriage between nature and technology, and his inventions are the manifestation of that belief. He believes his loyalty to Gorok will be rewarded by access to Atlas’s surviving seed and sees gathering a fragment of the seed as his ultimate aspiration.

Hero Spotlight

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Attack Cooldown1.5
Attack Range9.5