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  • @TokOwa said: First of all, I definitely think there are a lot of cool unit interactions. For example, the way that tier 1 units can pick off high tier casters, such as sandstingers dashing on an apocalyte, or scuttleguards rolling in and su…
  • I mean you could say that vision should be harder to get, like with splitting up cheap units and such. I would actually agree with this probably, even though i also like the sentinel because it takes up a slot and the enemy has to react to it. Mayb…
  • if vision is available it's important to counter that vision by destroying the unit which provides it. You can see that happen in all kinds of games. Don't see the problem, even though the map might be too small for it to have a net positive impact…
  • About Apocalytes: Here is the basic problem i see, they are burst dmg units implemented in a very binary way. You either hit that "skillshit" and kill enough units with it, or you do not. There isn't really interesting decision making/micro going o…