Maxed Graphics seems foggy

I can play the game fine it just has so overly foggy effect that bothers my eyes. Maybe I'm just crazy :)


  • MutableManMutableMan Member, Administrator

    That definitely doesn't look right =O

    Can you send a screenshot at "High" graphics? Want to verify that's working as expected. If you have time, it will help us a bunch if you can switch to Max, then change each setting 1-by-1 down to High to see which one is the troublemaker. Thanks!

  • Here's 2 more images. It would seem I have a constant problem regardless of the quality or resolution. I tried windowed, fullscreen windowed and fullscreen. I will note it does not affect my gameplay. Thanks for the help in this matter. Let me know if there's any other troubleshooting I have help with. I'm thinking I might need to update my graphics driver to a beta version.

  • marktillerymarktillery Member, Administrator

    This is a known graphics bug, mainly affecting windows 10 and/or Intel GPUs. We don't have a fix right now, but we have seen this on our own test PCs, so rest assured we'll be working on it.

    Hopefully the game will still be playable for you this weekend even with the sucky colors!


  • I was messing around with some settings to see if I could produce a different quality with a combination of changed settings. This was the only noticeable difference I could create.

    With Vignette and without

    I hope this helps narrow the problem down. Thanks!

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