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  • Can we get more strict rules regarding the ready button on battlefy this time? Last tournament, it showed we had to play against someone and only after another 20 minutes we found out this is not even out opposing team, instead someone else just forgot to ready up and everything got confusing. In the meantime, the system awarded us a def win because this team, the one that wasn't even supposed to be there, was not readying up against us and it kept getting more and more confusing and delayed a lot of stuff.
    Also, last time, some teams just refused to play even though they clicked the ready button the battlefy already.

    Either deactivate the ready-rule on battlefy directly or mention in the rules that you must ready up within 15 minutes (and punish people for not doing so by awarding the def win as suggested by the battlefy system). Also account for people who ready up without actually being ready to game the system.

    Or just have set times at which games begin, but then remove the ready thing because else the system just awards def wins again.

  • The link is not taking me to a tournament, takes me to the battlefy homepage.

  • Same, just search for Snerp Cup and it'll take you right to it.

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    @Aswan Yeah, I was in one of the teams you refer to. I think the ready system on Battlefy is great, I don't see any problem to use that at all. It let's you get at least 15 minutes to get ready for your next match, and functions as some kind of "time limit" so you can't prolong forever. This seems perfectly reasonable, and it's not a difficult site to navigate and find this ready button to press.

    But yes, whatever system is used on Battlefy's end really should be in the rules to avoid confusion.

    While on this topic, do we really need to gather on Discord to "go over the rules"? IMO everything should be on the tournament page, especially now that we've already had the first "try-out" tournament, and most stuff worked out smoothly, we maybe don't need the extra "obstacle". As long as you're able to navigate Battlefy, it should be pretty self explanatory. BTW I don't just argue that it's unnecessary, it's also more confusing to not have all the rules written down. The rules are otherwise very clearly stated and easy to follow, props to that!

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