Game crash?


I can jump into training mode or bots and get fairly far into a game then it starts "reconnecting" me over and over again till it bugs out and freezes. Oddly i can still move the map around but the units are stuck in place.

Is this my computer under performing or a bug? I changed it to lowest settings and 50% res to see if it helps and nothing changed. Right after that i played a round of league to see if it was my comp/internet ran with zero lag and good ping. I can also run sc2/wc3 on low settings and play full matches.

Thanks for reading.


  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Hi Ronin. That sounds to me like the game is taking more CPU than is available, and therefore missing some network communication deadlines.

    Sc2/Wc3/LoL have had a lot of time for their engineers to work on CPU efficiency, so it's possible that they can run okay on a machine that Atlas struggles with right now.

    If you can share the GameID of a game where this happens, I can check the server logs to see if this is what happened. I hope we'll be able to make Atlas efficient enough to run on your machine eventually.

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