Stupid Tuesday ! Fun game modes for when pvp is not on.

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Hello guys !

So we were thinking in the chat about a day in the week we'd try stupid modes in custom games. I propose Tuesday because it's convenient for me, but i guess you could play this any day. The idea here is obviously not to make a balanced mode for high level gameplay, just fun stuff.

If you have ideas for game modes that would qualify, feel free to post it here, i'll edit this post when i come by.

So, here's a list :

  1. Tier 0 units only
  2. Tier 3 units only
  3. No Tier 3 units
  4. Full autobuild (Never click a unit / upgrade / bonus)
  5. Only attack structures with Engineer's ion cannons
  6. Only attack structures with Juggernauts
  7. Only mercenaries
  8. Snerp Herders and Heroes only
  9. Only Melee
  10. No melee
  11. No Upgrades
  12. Only one card and t0 units

If the devs feel like it, these modes require tweaking the game but could be lots of fun. I doubt it would be implemented soon, though. :p
15. Start with tech4
16. Random heroes and cards
17. Random AND everyone gets the same build
18. Three random builds, same for each team
19. Double speed
20. Instant production
21. No collisions

Would you play this ?


  • Yes, sounds fun! And could open up something less explored with random restrictions.

  • A lot of it sounds fun, but I think you'd have to tweak the Game around a bit to actually make it played by a lot of people.
    For example the Full autobuild Mode with 2x Speed on everything would be awesome i think :D
    Just imagine everyone sprinting around the map with the worst unit compositions ever xDDD

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