Backdooring feedback

Ok, I'm just gonna post this here to make it official. We all know about the warp ship -> kill archive tactic, and it should probably be expected when you see warp ships in loadout. I think there should be something else stopping people from directly killing archive though, like having to kill the surrounding towers first for example.

  • Was playing an ez game of life, playing safe and owning all farm, at 4th titan two enemies both warp in back at archive and kill it just as we are able to even get there.
  • This made me feel a bit cheated on the win, and also a bit lol.
  • Suggestion above, this way of winning seems a bit weird. And the usefulness of the warp ships shouldn't be determined on how well you can sneak a backdoor win. Perhaps an overhaul for that unit?

Replay ID: G81f981a5492d4ef684a174f6149b86a0
At last minute.


  • Having to destroy a path of structures towards the Archive was discussed before and positively received by the development team. To be honest, seeing the warp drones on the deck of your opponents should probably get you to have some units behind to defend your base and scout for possible backdoors. When I played against it I would have a couple of tier 1 units to defend the possible warp in spots. It takes a while to warp in so it should be possible to destroy the drone before a completed warp.

  • @TokOwa said:
    it should be possible to destroy the drone before a completed warp.

    It's not, the warp drone can be off the map

  • Okey, I was not aware of that.

  • I Agree. There should be some key Structures one has to destroy in order to be able to attack the archive. Alternatively, the archive could have a much stronger shield while some key structures are not destroyed.

    I also suggest making the archive repairable by an engineer.

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