People have the wrong focus for Feedback.

NOTE: I didn't proof-read this as I am very tired writing this. Typos and the like are staying in.

One of my staples in this community is that I'm a dude who talk about things that people cannot agree with.
Because often then not, it sounds stupid, but is in fact true, or it's very controversial due to how the game is in its current state.
I also thouroughly believe that some of my own statements are controversial, so bare with me, aight?

However; That said, I must lay a few things on the line.

Balance is Second in all Questions.

What I mean is, holy crap, don't call things useless (Like White being useless, I don't know why people are saying that.) or just calling for feedback on things that don't need fixing, like the clunky unit pathing and the like. People don't like it, I get that, but I think we need to focus on the things that are very crucial to the 'ENJOYMENT' of the game, as it's still in alpha(Mind you).

Some very quality driven things to put to light is the lack of a properly sized UI. I don't get why more people are not talking about it. Since mainly, when I lose something vital(EXTREMELY SO) in a fight, It's from either Unit Blocking (Which is mine or the other persons fault) or just stupid UI taking up a lot of space making me unable to see that red light shining and BOOM i'm dead. Right? Right.

Second of all, I think people are completely putting a blanket over some of the very blattently bad interactions with different units. Some unit tooltips need to be more specific, for example, Batterhorns can push rooted targets out of the way. Why is that not stated anywhere? No other unit can move Bramblethorns when they are rooted, why is it not stated?
Or better yet, Why is it not stated anywhere what the Zephyrs can and cannot push? (Nitpicking, but people work like that.)
Oh, and I almost forgot.


Pushing rooted units is fine and all. But legitimatly being able to push the titan away from the Archive, is either a purpose to make COMEBACKS come back. Or it's unintentional and at the same time really hilarious. Honestly, I didn't mind it at first when I was shown it. But thinking about it further. There is no other unit that does this.
Why the hell is it able to move the Titan? It's toxic. Please remove that.
Other then that, Batterhorns are fine, don't take it as me calling them overpowered... In fact.


Before you go crazy. No. I don't mean BUFF Bramblethorns. They are stupidly strong, both me and you know, now chill the f**k out ok?
What I mean is, Bramblethorn is the ONLY reliable and good unit in Green right now.
'Nerf Bramblethorns' I hear them cry. But what they forget is.... Bramblethorns, right now, is the only reason that Green exists in the game. Saying that and offering, little to no context to fill in the slot is dumb. Insanely so.
Buffing (almost) all the Green units (Namely 'Reworking' the Active of Toxin Mystics somewhat, making them more mobile for example, or Grove Tenders) and giving Bramblethorn a slight nerf is benefitial to both the Color and the Meta that we are currently having. It's very boring, to see only one comp being played from Green. And it's sickening that one strategy in particular, is insanely good versus it. (Mainly the one that I'm playing myself, which makes the challenge less then appealing.).

So let's agree that some of the points here are being shared among us. And to take an indepth look at something that is actually a fundamental point about a Strategy(namely diversity) and just crying out that something is broken, is not going to fix it. (I cry broken a lot too, but mainly because it's ironic and funny)

This is my feedback. Hope you enjoy a good read.
This is probably not the last post I will make.

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