White Just Isn't Viable Late Game



  • Absolutely fair. It's just tempting and somewhat fun to rib on a bold claim of "ima show you guys the new meta and take down this tourney" when it doesn't end up happening, and what's a meta discussion without a bit of snobby hyperbole :)

  • @Aswan Think you should know that the comment was in jest because people above made bold claims that white was going to be a crux for a winning team. White didn't come anywhere close to having this strong influence on the tournament.

    tedster basically said everything that needed to be said tbh. The general consensus is that white feels a bit lackluster in comparison to the other colours on Patch 239. Whether that's objectively true, we'll never know as the game keeps getting updated, but unless someone can provide some strong sound theory combined with practical execution, white just doesn't pack the 'punch' that makes it a top pick. Buuuuut tourney's over, zero fucks are given, all mercs are clearly meta. :)

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