Scalable creeps

I feel the creeps take very long to kill in the early game. I guess this is to prevent you from one-shooting the same creeps lategame.
How about having week creaps in the first spawn, and then let them become stronger on each spawn. Not indefinitely, just 1-3 times (until players have reached their t3 armies)?
The rewards could also increase, adding some ramp up to the game (titans and heroes and uppgrades ramp up, so it would be logical for creeps to do the same).


  • Hi @angrySloth

    I disagree with you simply because of how the game needs to operate on all types of economy (high-econ, low-econ) throughout the game. Especially with regards to low dps armies, this is whom it would hurt the most if the creeps scaled like you say. Also it would probably also create more snowballing, as the armies that are ahead get a double advantage on clearing speed.

    It is a good thought, but I think the assumption that army strength grows throughout the game is not true, and therefore this change would cause some issues as the game goes on.

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