[COMMUNITY TOURNAMENT] First Tournament Saturday 9/10

MilleaMillea Member
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I am organizing the first tournament of Atlas!

Looking for more tournament suprivisors to resolve rule disputes.

Time zones will be confusing so just bear with me. it will be at 19:00 UTC The Saturday after this Saturday, Sept 10.)

Sign up here: https://battlefy.com/gods-arena/guardians-of-atlas-open-alpha-tournament/57c77df30592c51f0c02a53e/info

If you are interested in streaming matches, let me know ASAP.



  • tedstertedster Member
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    I'm voicing my opinion that 1 week in is too soon for most of the Open Alpha people to compete with the Closed Alpha crew. I'd prefer to push it back to the second week so the first "tourney" isn't just a showmatch between people who have been playing for months.

    I like the idea of the first tourney being really hype and it's tough to do that with such short notice and also most people not having time to learn the game well enough to really have a chance.

    2 days also isn't long enough for most people to form teams and practice outside of people who have already been playing together. Give it a week!

  • @Millea I agree with @tedster and you might also want to allow single Players to sign up. Create the Tournament on Battlefy for example and then form random Teams from these Players. If they have good communication they should'nt do worse then premade teams.

  • MilleaMillea Member
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    Alright, this makes sense. It would make more sense to delay the tournament a week and be the next Saturday at the same time?

    I do like the option of having premade teams for the tournament a lot, but It'll also make sense for individual players to sign up and be arranged into teams if they choose.

  • Current UTC time btw: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fullscreen.html?n=1440
    So you can check the time difference and figure out your UTC+-

  • RodickRodick Member

    could we use some of these sites and which is better?

  • Both are good. I dont know if people can sign up solo on challonge though.

  • RodickRodick Member
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    Looks like battlefy.com have GoA in system (don't know when they added it) and it contains team brackets :)

  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    Hey guys! Jumping in to let you know I've renamed the thread and stickied it!

  • XiniuXiniu Member

    I feel like you are underestimating the new players coming in tedster, i have a bunch of people on my list that joined after the open alpha release and we have no real troubles winning against veterans.
    People are playing this game A LOT and getting better real fast.

  • There are certainly a handful of people who can! That's why i said "most" :)

    TBH 2-3 days isn't enough time for even most good players to put together a team and get ready. There's a lot of reasons to push it back and if that expands the player pool by even a few teams due to people having the time to get better/get teams put together, that's worthwhile.

  • BlodirBlodir Member

    I think you can put together a team with very short notice, and I wouldn't mind playing against veteran teams this saturday! Having to play custom games when pvp is down actually really encourages you to find people you want to frequently play with :)

    Looking forward to the tournament

  • DQMEDQME Member

    I'll be on a team if anyone needs me

  • I'm available for a team.

  • i can certainly, and would love to play!

  • I am interested in this tournament. Feel free to PM me in-game about this.

  • Im down, I guess I need to find a team now.

  • Hey, it says 7pm PDT on the battlefy page on the schedule section (I assume this is a mistake)

  • XiniuXiniu Member
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    Yeah 7pm pdt is unplayable for europe
    Edit: Not unplayable but damn, waking up before 5 am and then starting to play GoA idk..

  • I'm also interested in joining, if anyone wants me on their team.

  • I would be interested in streaming/casting if you are still looking.

  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    Just realized I mentioned it to Millea but totally spaced on mentioning it in the thread -- We're down to put up a $500 prize pool for this tournament if we can get it to 16 teams! So:
    - 1st: $300
    - 2nd: $150
    - 3rd: $50

    We'd be happy to continue doing this regularly if the tournaments get some traction, too!

  • Hey, it says 7pm PDT on the battlefy page on the schedule section (I assume this is a mistake)

    This was a mistake. It has been fixed.
    @EndSequence I pm'd you.

  • ghostl1ghtghostl1ght Member
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    diamond/master sc2 player looking for team, down to set practice times, just friend me in game

  • When is the deadline for registration?

  • i will play in this tournament im just waiting for my team to be assembled dont u worry kiddos

  • Deadline is Saturday, but I would strongly prefer if you register by Tuesday.

  • tedstertedster Member
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    Hello this is Tedster being contrary as usual!

    I am excited for the tournament but I think the ruleset that has Units be declared during the draft portion of the game is needlessly restrictive and counterproductive.

    1. This discourages some units from being used at all (Shadows, Purifiers, Dregecrawlers, Warpers for example) because the other team can very easily hard-counter them knowing they have been selected
    2. It makes interesting synergy-based strats worse because it's easier to bust them up with hard or soft counters
    3. It makes interesting cheese worse
    4. It encourages every team to play safe, boring units so they don't get countered

    I think these are all bad things and make it harder for teams to get creative or perform cool plays/compositions. The also make it easier for the "pro" teams to beat the less-experienced teams, which is likely to happen anyway but becomes easier the more information that is revealed and the more symmetry the matches have.

    I love the hero draft portion, since that gives you just enough information to make good, informed decisions ("OK they have a Grath, we need to make sure we can deal with heavy tanks!") without just dumbing the game down.

  • Draft changing is not in consideration for the current tourney on Saturday. However, I will consider changes for the future.

  • Looking for a team guys, PM me!
    <- sc2 zerg grandmaster, in GoA i main Vela and Hydros on pretty good level :)

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