[bug] warpdrone + rooted purifier

KeirasKeiras Member
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When purifier is in rooted (siege) position and is teleported via warpdrone ability, it appears in rooted position midair at the warpdrone coordinates and is considered flying unit by the game. Melee units cannot attack purifier in this position. Ranged attacks and AOE spells do work. Purifier minimal attack range still applies.

Happened in vs AI game, but I expect it to work this way in pvp as well.

Expected behavior:
Purifier appears in rooted position on the ground near warpdrone coordinates and is considered ground unit. Both melee and range attacks should inflict damage to it.

G61db462f3df74f49a36436245fde896f @ 10:57 at 5 o'clock small camp


  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    This is unfortunately not an easy fix, but one that will be a pretty high priority. Not certain the fix will get in for this patch, but I'm hopeful.

    The fix will also clean up a lot of the other functionality of the Warp Drone (like your units losing formation when Matter Transposition is cast).

    Thanks for the report!

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