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So I am a diamond 1 player in Starcraft II. I like the game. Has anyone ever thought about about 1v1 mode? Kind of like a "mid only" play style. I feel like When i play test I am just on a different level on my other team mates. Does anyone else think that an independent game style is a good idea?


  • I'm Ok with you ... +1

  • RodickRodick Member

    I kinda feel you, but we don't have anything that would support it yet, for example its open alpha without matchmaking and thing. I hope if they go 1 step at a time this game could go take right course and we will have a great game. So 1 v 1, 5 v 5, with a lot of maps that are rotating from season to season etc :)

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    I'd like to see a 1v1 version of the game as is, but maybe with 2 more unit slots and a 180 unit cap or some such. It would be like wc3 :D ez

    ofc the balance would be pretty crap, so the meta would be too i imagine :D

  • I also wish for 1v1. I don't think I would like 1v1 with the current gameplay and faction balance though. I also wish for more macro oppurtunities other than "choose units and research".

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    You can currently technically 1v1 in custom games, but it's not something we officially support. That's not to say we never will, but the game is intended to be a team-versus-team affair, and that's where our focus and attention are prioritized. =)

  • I've always enjoyed Starcraft 2 for that reason. With a 1v1 game, there is no blaming during the game, because you only have yourself to blame.

    With that being said, I feel like team based games are the preferred method of play at the moment. People enjoy playing with friends!

    It would definitely be cool to see a 1v1 version of the game supported.

  • While everyone who enjoys SC2 1v1, will wish for it to be a 1v1 game (or at least a mode for that), but as @Misanthrope said, in 1v1 you only have yourself to blame then. And people like to play with friends.
    People also like to blame others, as hard as it sounds, it's true. Always makes you feel a bit better. Ofc as the OP said you have no control over your teammates (except for when playing in a group and/or with friends) and that might be annoying from time to time, but as I said. You have someone to blame the loss on :D
    The Reason why for example Dota 2 is so big in esports is not because it features 10 Players per Game and not just 2 (which can create a bigger fanbase though (for example 500 people per person would be more people watching 5v5 Games than 1v1)), but because:
    -it's f2p (+EVERYTHING in the Game is free from the start (this is important))
    -you have people to blame
    -it's diverse and interesting
    -different things/Matches all the time
    -a lot of different stuff you can do.
    All these points make it stay interesting, so people wont get bored of it that easy.
    Also it is on Steam which automatically makes a bit more popular (if it proves itself).
    And Valve found basically a Goldmine for the Game. The Compendium (if you dont know what that is look for the * at the end of the post). This allows for a bigger prize pool for the esports scene, which attracts even more people.
    So after all the Gameplay stuff gets sorted out you have to do the following:
    -find a !good! way to finance your Game and the esports scene
    -maybe release it on Steam
    -find a competetive Mode for more than 2 people
    This will help for the big growing of the Game, since people love money, pro players and people to blame their losses on. Thanks for reading :)

    *The Compendium allows players to spend real money on a virtual book which they can upgrade by playing Games or spending more money. The higher you upgrade your book, the more stuff you get (items, sets, etc. but all cosmetic). Also, the more money that got spend on the book (in total by the community), the more stretch goals players unlock (everyone who bought the book).
    the money that got spend on the book + upgrades go to valve and to the prize pool of The International (biggest annual Dota 2 esports event).

    People love to blame other for losses and they love big prize pools.
    Every pro player can attract his own fanbase.
    Find a smart way to finance the Game + esports events.
    Make a competetive mode for a bunch of people (not just 1v1).

  • i played a 1v1 in a custom game. worked pretty well actually.

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    It dosn't work if you play agains good players. The Problem is that every Race have some roles. For example Blue will totally win a 1vs1 agains white atm, because as white player you won't face blue and green. Maybe a 1vs1 Mirrormatch could be balanced. Like red vs red or blue vs blue, but it would be really boring to play and watch. The Races in GoA are not the same like in SC2. Its way more like in typical MMO's, League of Legends or Dota 2 you could say. You have a Tank, Support and Damagedealer. A Support for example will never face a Adc or a Tank.

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    Also for old RTS Players (im one of them) i can understand the point of 1vs1, but i think the furture will be more Teambased RTS Games if you wanna win a bigger playerbase and i have no problem with that.
    It is like it is, but if you see big Game right now, they are all Teambased. For example OverWatch, League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Dead by Daylight or Heroes of the Storms. Maybe Hearthstone is the only one whos not teambased, but its so easy to play it dosn't matter for casuals.
    Also i played Grey Goo a bit since it came out 2015 and its for a RTS game allready death you could say. Its death because its to simplified and have nothing interesting (fresh and new) in gameplay and mechanics. Also alot of players missed 3vs3 and 4vs4 in this game. The Game have 2vs2, but its dosn't matters, it lacks in new good ideas. Even old RTS players went back to SC2.
    I think Atillery is doing a good job with GoA right now. Its a game for everyone. For good old RTS Players and maybe for Casuals too, if a better Ranked System like in League of Legends or SC2 exists.
    Also i think its a new Genre i never seen right now. There is League of Legends, Dota 2 (for more professional players) and Smite with a 3. Person Heroe perspective. Oh... i forgot Heroes of the Storms, but i personally think it just exists because its from Blizzard. If i think about HotS its just like... "Why should i play this game if i can play League of Legends or Dota 2". Its just if you got a name everyone will play your games. Its like an Artist who can't paint but have a Name to get millions of dollars for paintings. For all others Indie or not you need good ideas this days, to bring it on people. Thats the fact.
    So at least there is nothing like GoA out right now. So it could be a big chance and i really hope it will getting bigger and bigger. ♥

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