Random Stalls

Run the game fine on ultra settings with 30+ fps and it stalls on occasion even put on low and got no change
also stalls in the hero selection screen with the partials stalling every thing else works fine

If needed dxdaig below

DxDiag.txt 42.2K


  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Hi Wildcat. We can diagnose more from the server logs for a particular game. Can you share a GameId from a game where you experienced stalls?

  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    A quick look at the server trace for this game G3b83ac32db484b87a2129ea9ff88089b reveals that there was quite a lot of packet loss on the server->client path throughout the game. Perhaps you are on congested wifi? It's not so bad that it should affect the game much, but I saw a lot of 100ms+ one-way delivery times.

    Whenever this happens the server will retry the packets, but the client may stop and wait if there are several of them in a row.

    Also in the late game there were a few intervals during which the GPU gets bogged down and shows worse than 30FPS. My guess is that this is during big battles over Titans in the middle of the map. From my reading of the trace, I think you would get a lot smoother experience on lower graphics quality settings.

    GLHF and thanks for testing

  • suppose it was my internet i just played one no stalls other than the lagger it was happening every game

  • SirSir Member

    So packet loss would explain the intermittent stuttering, units walking in place and then teleporting, I'm getting every game? I'm from Europe, fast fiber and wired connection.

  • RodickRodick Member

    @Sir i think its not just you. If one person lag it make bad experience to other 5 people in game.
    Well, i think :chuffed:

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