Feedback - Camera hotkeys

Hi all!

I want to share this idea of camera hotkeys cause im not sure of there are camera hotkeys implemented yet but i think this would help simplify gameplay.
Setting your fixed camera points at the start of the game (Like you would do like f.ex. in starcraft) would greatly help to instantly go to a location and move there instead of scrolling over the map.

What do you guys think of this?

Kind regards,



  • I would love that! That could mean that you can set Camera Hotkeys on the Production facilities and bind 4,5,6 as regular Hotkeys. Imo reaching to 4 is easier than reaching to 7^^

  • Yeah i had the same idea, it would really simplify some actions.

  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    Camera position hotkeys are definitely a feature we eventually want, but there are a lot of higher-priority things we're targeting in the short-term. Don't be surprised if you see this feature implemented eventually, though :D

  • Oh ok cool! Thx for replying Treisk!

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