The Quadrapus

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now that I have played some games, a few questions popped up that I was not able to easily answer by just observing how things work. These questions are mainly about the abilities of the quadrapus and I hope I can get some answers here.

Let's start with plated shell:
How long do the plates granted by that skill last and do they stack? If yes, up to how many stacks can a single unit have?

And now to the interesting skill, intervention:
Is says the damage is reduced by by 40%. Is that rounded down or rounded up?
Also, what is considered an "ally" regarding that skill? Does it work on Towers and other buildings? Does it work on Ion Canon? Does it work on ones own titan? If yes, does it work only when the titan is already claimed or does it work on the titan the enemy tries to kill in order to claim his?
Also, if it works on buildings, does it work against attacks from a titan?

I hope these questions can be answered, thanks in advance.

Additional question: What exactly does ability upgrade to for both skills of the quadrapus?


  • Push since it hasn't been answered and already dropped to page 2.

    I have found out that ability power only increases damage, not the power of all abilities. For all the other questions I still need an answer.

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