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Keybinds from the Production, Resources and Upgrades tabs cannot be individually bound. Instead, they are bound by their position on the "command sheet" (the 3x5 grid that shows every action), set through the Construction section (Build #1 to Build #15) on the Keyboard menu.

We should be able to bind the actions from Production, Resource and Upgrades separately. That would allow players to bind things that have different positions on the "command sheet" to the same key. For instance, you could bind "Add Production Slot", which is at position 4 to the same key as your 4th unit, which is at position 6.

This would not only allow for better customization of keybinds, but it would also reduce the number of distinct keys you must bind to macro effectively (Production, Resources and Upgrades). Right now, position 4 on the "command sheet" is only used in the Resources tab, so we could rebind that to a key used for something on the Production and Upgrades tabs. That would reduce the number of required keybinds for macro by as much as 4, as Upgrades, the most populated tab, has actions on positions 10, 12, 13 and 13, which are empty on both Production and Resources and could be bound to keys that are used on all three macro tabs.

EDIT: To clarify, what I'm proposing is being able to bind the Production, Resources and Core tabs separately, but still based on position.


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    Also, the control group keybinds, Add, Create and Create and remove, which by default are Ctrl, Shift and Alt, should be rebindable, so we could, for instance, Create and remove with Ctrl instead of Alt. Both suggestions are givens on other RTS games, and players coming from those games expect to be able to transfer most of their keybinds, and as such, muscle memory, to this game.

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    Thanks for the feedback! These are great suggestions, and we'll add more keybinding options in the future.

    (To give a bit of context, the current keybinds were a bit more limited to make it easier to collect controls feedback from players. As an example, we moved the "tech upgrade" ability from the Research Facility to the Production Facility about a month back. That "just works" with the existing hotkeys, but our longer term goal is to make sure that players can customize their setups as you describe)

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    Glad to hear that!

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