The game seems to download data in the background but I cant tell how much data it is.

Since I am on a metered Internet connection and have about 10GB left until the end of the month I have to keep an eye on my updates and downloads. The game installer was about 80MB which is something I can live with. But as soon as I started the app I noticed a download progress bar at the top pulling data very fast. However, I could not tell how much data that would be. If its a few hundred megs, I might give it a go but it its significantly more, I might wait for the next month to take this game for a spin.


  • akiaki Member

    In other words, download progress bars should have more verbose annotations preferably in MB.

  • MutableManMutableMan Member, Administrator

    Hi aki!

    Sorry about the lack of information there. The in-client download is currently something around 650MB. Great suggestion to make it easier for metered players to know what's being downloaded and how large the download is, though I don't expect to have that available in the client in the near future... we'll keep in it mind and do our best to give you more control there.


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