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PvP Days & Times

When the open alpha begins, players will be able to play the tutorial, bots, and create custom games, but PvP matchmaking will be disabled outside of certain times. We’re doing this to make sure everyone gets together at the same time for a positive matchmaking experience. See more details in our Open Alpha FAQ :)

Bots and custom games are always open!


|Mon - Thurs | 11 am - 2 pm PDT|
|Mon - Thurs | 5 pm - 10 pm PDT|


|Fri - Sun | ALL DAY |

GLHF! See you in-game!


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    Hey all - I've fielded a couple questions about this and just want to provide some more context about the current PvP windows!

    The TL;DR:
    * These are temporary
    * We want 24/7 PvP as soon as possible
    * When you hit Play->PvP, we want to find you a good match

    As players pick up Guardians of Atlas, we want everyone to have a really good experience with PvP. We've tried our best to make Skirmish mode really fun (and please give us loads of Feedback! ), but a key part of PvP is having great teammates to play with and excellent adversaries to conquer.

    We've had good success during our long closed Alpha period with structured PvP times. When lots of people are on at one time, it helps us do two things:

    1. When more people are in the queue at once, we can make more balanced matches.
      Having more people to choose from lets the matchmaker do a better job creating matches which are balanced and engaging. Particularly as new players join and start learning the game, having a variety of players of different skill levels to matchmake with promotes more close, tense games.
    2. Matches can get made faster, so people don't have to sit and wait as much in queue.
      Waiting around for a match can be pretty tedious and frustrating. While this is an experience which doesn't bug some people, we don't want people to feel like we're wasting their time -- PvP windows provide a clear time to show up for quick matchmaking.

    That being said, we are itching to switch to 24/7 PvP -- but we want to balance that with making sure people have a great experience when we do so. We'll be keeping an eye on things -- when we have enough people in the system, we'll flip the switch. Outside of a PvP window, custom games always provide a way to get in some PvP action if you can find a partner (or 2, 3, 4, or 5! :) ).

    The windows are designed to promote excellent games at predictable times, as the player base starts to grow.
    If they're not doing that, please let us know!


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    Is there any way to open up another window in an eastern US friendly time?

    2pm-4pm and 11pm-1am is pretty bad for your normal working adult person like me!

    Maybe another 8pm-10pm EST window? :)

    Edit: Look like the PvP window is open from 5pm - 10pm Pacific. Thank you very much!!!

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    Yes, these new times are great :) Thanks.

  • Look at the arms of telos blog (another game advancing FPS like you are advancing things):

    Scroll down to the heat signature map. When the game loads up, it asks when players are open to play, and then shows times on the signature and advertises officially sanctioned play times, based on that. Seems an interesting concept for indie developers, especially when integrated with discord bots.

    Now, I am very impressed with this game, and you guys obviously know what you're doing. Very smart to limit PVP right now. Loving how all the main things are covered in the alpha. You have bots. You have the infrastructure built in to the alpha. Man, a lot of work that must've taken. Lots of companies fall flat on their faces there. The template is featured and functional. Excellent.

  • Can we add an additional hour to the start of EU times? It starts kinda late right now and the other PvP time is in the middle of the night for EU players.

  • We can get custom games pretty reliably 3 hours earlier from the EU queue time, so could extend it there

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    @Blodir said:
    We can get custom games pretty reliably 3 hours earlier from the EU queue time, so could extend it there

    I concur.

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