Visual bug with targeting via minimap

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Bug report (at least I think it's a bug): When targeting Celesta's basic ability via the minimap, the visual aiming indicator points toward your mouse (and thus the location of the minimap on your screen) rather than the location in the game-world that you're indicating. It's a little disorienting to have the aiming reticle pointing one way and then the ability fire a different way. The functionality works correctly once you actually fire the ability (it targets the ability at the intended location), only the visual aiming indicator is incorrect. This could possibly apply to other targeted abilities as well, I'm not sure.


  • cdisscdiss Member

    Related: Quick-cast attack does not work correctly when targeted via minimap, although normal move (right-click) does. Quick-cast attack targeted on the minimap will simply target the terrain at the lower right of your screen, behind the minimap.

  • Bump: the first bug I reported here (first post) appears to be not fixed yet; Grubby found it again on stream today. The second bug is also not yet fixed, at least last time I checked. I suspect minimap targeting in general might have more bugs, but haven't fully investigated.

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    Hi cdiss. Thanks for the bug report.

    I agree that if you're using the minimap to aim a targeted ability, it would be nice to see the in-world aiming indicator show you what is actually going to happen on activation.

    I've added it to our internal tracking system. No promises on the fix date, because it might be scheduled behind other work, but this doesn't seem too technically difficult to accomplish.

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