Bots on my team went afk

My bot allies just went afk after finishing a neutral camp and I got steamrolled 3v1.


  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator

    Haha what terrible manners, thanks for the report! Do you mind sharing the replay ID for that game?

  • TokOwaTokOwa Member

    Did a quick stalk of his match history and I think this is the ID: Gcee95ebbf4b946b5821746159a151de7

  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator

    Thanks TokOwa and goswer. I looked into the problem, its seems like bots can fail to see the titan fight objective on the map. This is cause of the new game flow changes that the bots are just not built for yet.

    I patched in a quick fix, should be up for sunday. Let me know if you see anymore issues like this or if it comes up in any form again :D

    Thanks a ton!

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