Playtest 224: Titan Adjustments, Slower Supply Growth, Balance!

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Playtest 224: Titan Adjustments, Slower Supply Growth, Balance!

Resources & Economy

  • Supply gain per generator: 4 ⇒ 3

    • Max population cap unchanged
  • Gems have received new models, and no longer bounce from Gem Spawners!


  • Titan Lifespans have been reworked!

    • Rather than having a strict duration, Titan health will now gradually tick down over the course of its life at a rate of 40 health per second. They cannot receive healing.
  • Base health: 1600 ⇒ 2000
  • Base Damage: 70 ⇒ 50
  • Attack Cooldown: 2.5 seconds ⇒ 1.8 seconds
  • Movement speed: 3.1 ⇒ 3.3
  • Titan scaling has been tuned

    • Health scaling per level: 250 ⇒ 600
    • Damage per level: 15 ⇒ 10

      • Gains an additional 5 attack damage per level starting at 6, 11, and 16



  • Hydros

    • Turn the Tide (Ultimate)

      • No longer restores health when the effect ends
  • Scuttleguard

    • Calcified Shell (Upgrade)

      • Health gain: 50 ⇒ 40
  • Quadrapus

    • Intervention

      • Damage reduction: 70% ⇒ 60%
      • Cooldown: 24 seconds ⇒ 35 seconds
      • Duration: 4 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds


  • Ignitor

    • Fireball has received new VFX!


  • Raptor

    • Sharp Focus (Upgrade)

      • Increases base range by 2 ⇒ Increases Marked bonus damage by 5


  • tedstertedster Member

    Hurray for Raptor nerf and I say this exclusively because I am tired of having my Energy collectors sniped from way on the other side of a group of trees

  • BombsBombs Member

    I love the Titan damage nerf, i reallty thought he would do so much damage, now it's more about positioning asap to stop him, keep it up!

  • WillNotMafiaWillNotMafia Member
    edited July 3

    Hi friends, I just had a game where my opponent didn't understand the auto-builder and couldn't figure out how I got so many snipers. To him, "B" = build and he had no choice what to get.

    I appreciated it when I was the middle of tight skirmishes and couldn't spend much time building. I think the auto-builder is helpful in allowing me to keep focus on my units.

    I also appreciated it when it gave me some advanced units when they were ready.

    I did not appreciate it when it kept on making sprinters, which didn't work for my team's strategy. I wish I could have just turned them off from autobuild!

    I think y'all have an AWESOME feature in the auto-builder and as a somewhat-skilled player, here are some ideas in order of increasing complexity.

    First, I would allow players to toggle the auto-build for certain unit types by right-clicking their portrait in the build screen when the builder is on. (like setting up a unit auto-cast)

    Second, y'all could enable "limited auto-build" setting where the auto-builder automatically starts creating basic units up to a certain cap.

    Third, y'all could allow a bit more time in the start of the game for people to configure their auto-builder by setting up an optimal army composition - X % raptors, Y % zephyrs, etc etc - that gives the auto-builder a target to hit and makes sure that a player knows it is operating.

    Fourth, y'all could allow people to set up their own custom auto-build logic which can be uploaded to Project Atlas as data - it will end up being a "build order" like MOBAs have, but with units.

  • wondiblewondible Member

    Two games.

    First as Hydros I didn't feel good about. Got a few good quadrapus supports, but I felt conflicted about being up front to tank, and in back to buff my allies. One answer of course is to practice multiple group management so I can split front and back.

    Second as Eris I topped the kill count, despite long periods of feeling that I was too busy to rebuild, either gathering gems or pushing. I initially thought I'd try melee, then realized I was with Hydros and Grath. I started T3 and focused on Devlikin to fill the time. I build a few Apocs, but never deployed them - The mass Devilkin were so strong we pushed with a few titans, with me boosting the titans and allies.

    At the moment my default generator strategy (when I remember to look at all) is shards with energy if I'm hard out, and others every once and a while, often at the end of a queue. If the generator system stays, it would be nice to be able to configure your own default build; then I could leave it alone and only put a few other things on now and then - assuming I stay with that build.

    Auto-build I've been leaving on a variable amount of time depending on hero and strategy - basically until I think it will do the wrong thing. Typically that is spending scrap when I want to go T2, or a different unit composition than I want. Might be interesting to have it work (possible as a three-state or option) like generators, where it would build as needed, but you could queue up things you wanted, such as tech upgrades, or particular units - which might require being able to queue things you can't afford right now.

  • I'm coming back after missing a few tests, so I just have some brief notes:

    1) As I discussed a bit with Jordan, rushing calcified shell on scuttleguards makes them unreasonably difficult to deal with in the early game. I remember at one point my army of a dozen+ spitfires wasn't able to drop a scuttleguard below 50% hp with a focused volley.

    2) It still feels bad to play from behind. Not really anything new here. Once your army strength falls behind, the mechanisms of the game work to widen that gap. Interestingly, I did have one game where I felt that I was significantly ahead, but ended up losing: Gb5bbab2d61654970bd78b64e21d2da45. I was using an 8 dervish comp and felt very over-powered, but eventually my army got wiped and I don't think I was able to rebuild back to 8 before the game ended.

    Funny footnote: I tried playing a bot game with auto-build on, but I made the mistake of putting Trapper in my first slot. It was kind of silly.

  • CohLysionCohLysion Member

    Just some quick notes (realized I forgot to submit when I went to start 225 notes, whoops)


    Intro Limited Champion Select
    (1.1) - Thinking through whether this makes the game feel small, trying to frame it from the perspective of a new player. Originally, wanted to see all the available choices, with the others disabled, but seeing the unavailable ones in-game is nice enough (playing against them, or having them on your team). [Very minor]

    (1.2) - Sometimes, it can be difficult with UIs to tell what buttons you have selected. Here, when entering queue, it would be nice if there was some indication of what queue mode you've entered, beyond "you're in the queue". [Minor]

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