played the tutorial and a bots game

wizardwizard Member

I played the tutorial and a bot game. The concept seemed cool but I was too confused about how to play to want to play more.

The tutorial says it’s camera locked to your hero, but then it unexpectedly pans around to things like the Nexus, which is a little surprising. It would probably be fine with more bells and whistles to make those interludes feel like cutscenes.

In the tutorial, when you’re learning about the dinosaurs that breathe fire (which, by the way, is an AWESOME concept) if you are moving quickly towards the cliff, the enemies can spawn basically next to you, and then they walk away from you, and you can’t pan back down to see what’s going on. Kind of a bummer.

I was sad in my first vs-bots game when I was prompted to choose a hero; I still didn’t know anything and the choice didn’t have any meaning. I would have preferred picking a character based on who had the coolest model, but all of the art was on the small side.

I felt like the tilde being the ‘auto select all units’ button was physically uncomfortable, because if I tap it with my pinky, the rest of my fingers are too high to press buttons, but if I press it with my ring finger, my pinky is off the keyboard.

I didn’t really understand how to accumulate or spend resources – when I was trying to pick up gems, pressing A and then clicking on gems of either color didn’t seem to do anything, nor did standing on them. I know they were in the tutorial, but I didn’t remember how to use them, and I guess the a-click in-game tooltip was outdated? Or perhaps it is unclear :)

I have no idea when I can or can’t spawn my friendly minion bros. I just try to warp them in every few seconds and sometimes I get some.

I don’t like having to look away from my hero to spawn the minions. I know I can use the minimap, but that makes the game feel more abstract and less fun.

I can’t tell if I’m winning or losing this bots game.

I think I would have understood more if someone was physically near me explaining the game, but as it is I was more confused than anything else.


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