I felt helpless as Hydros due to no AOE or CC to help the flow of the fights. i understand his role is support but without either of those things he simply cannot add efficeintly to a team fight. also having non-range starting units makes it much more difficult in early game skirmishes which should have a flip at some point in the game but doesnt seem to. his heal is very good at keeping all his units alive with proper micro, also there should be a way to map out like 20 of your queue upgrades at once to allow you to do a "build" with exact unit building and salvage gathering for like 3-5 minutes at a time. this would allow you to have a better "plan" for the game as a 3v3 tactical unit.


  • SlammeRSlammeR Member

    Personally I find blue to be the hardest color atm. I did not play any blue during PvP and only a few vs bots so I am not really experienced but blue seems a bit weaker than the other three colors.

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