Unobvious benefits from killing mobs/creeps

While I knew to go kill mobs to get scrap and stock, I didn't feel like I was getting any in-game feedback that there was a benefit from doing so. When the orbs (scrap givers) disappear, there is a little "+1" that shows up, but I had no context for how good that is. "+1? Is that good? Should I do it more? Should I do that instead of [other activity]?"

If instead of "+1" there was "+10 (scrap icon)" or however much scrap was given, it would be more clear how much I'm benefiting from this action. Likewise from the gems/crystals that are left behind after the whole camp is finished off. It would be nice to see what I get from that.

I attached an example.


  • WickedWicked Member

    This is a very good idea.

  • GiraffeGiraffe Member

    I agree. It was this post that actually made me realize the effect of killing mobs.

  • wondiblewondible Member

    That would help, but it's also a delayed reward. Half the time you've moved on after tagging something, so you don't see it collect and are not paying attention to your resources several seconds (many seconds for camp rewards) later. There is a little bit of a disconnect between the action and reward.

  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    Totally on our todo list! We just haven't had the time to implement this system yet.

    Thanks for bringing it up though!

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