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I don't have much feedback. Most of the stuff I would give feedback on is just the fact that this game is in alpha, and lacking polish.

One thing though, the tutorial could use some work. After playing through it, I wasn't super excited to get into the game. It just felt like, "yep, i'm about to play a moba". And then getting into game, there was so much that I felt like I didn't know. After a few games, I finally figured it out though. Something like the Age of Empires 2 tutorial campaign might be something to look at.


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    I also felt this way. I imagine a lot of the problems with the tutorial are similarly related to the reasons day[9] gave in the video for the non disclosure agreement. Game-play has yet to be solidified completely and is still subject to some amount of change. As a result it is hard to build a tutorial. That being said, I felt that the tutorial in no way at all prepared me for the game.

    Alright that was a little harsh. I learned how to cast abilities and that ~ selects all my units. Then there was the titan unit. It is also standard to cover basic movements and I felt the pacing was good. Not too fast for the newer players but quick enough for those with experience to go through and pick up the nuances that make Atlas such a unique experience. Again I feel as though it needs to be said, It in no way prepares you for a real game. So I have resources to summon units? GREAT! but how do I get them? there is no tutorial on map basics. Nuetral camps seem to play a very large part of the actual gameplay yet they feel completely absent from the tutorial (if they are there at all. they may have gotten a mention and I forgot. Even so that is a little telling) upgrades in the core and the lab are completely vital to the gameplay and are also completely absent from the tutorial.

    I admit one tutorial that covers all of this might be intimidating or a little overwhelming but my experience with Atlas is that it was a game that tests your macro and your micro. You constantly need to be busy buying units warping them in to strategic points, micro-ing combat and managing lab research and core upgrades. All of this paints a great picture for an exciting competitive environment with a lot of high end play. The player needs to know this, or learn this through some medium. Maybe a video of basic gameplay concepts, or maybe multiple tutorials covering different game elements. I honestly couldn't tell you what the best step would be but I do feel something needs to be done.

    Rant over. I enjoyed the game (what little I managed to play of it) and I have to say that not only does it look promising, I cannot wait to see what's next. Keep up the good work.

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