Tutorial Bug - unable to dismiss modal.

Operating System: WinXP
iTunes decided to remind me that it wanted to update during the tutorial. This caused the game to minimize. When I came back to the game, I couldn't click 'next' on the current instruction of the tutorial to dismiss the modal window.

This made it slightly more difficult to complete the tutorial. Although I was able to do so, with some tricky camera movement and my knowledge of game controls from TW3. :)

I would have reported this through the game, but the 'Next' button for the bug report screen in game never became available (It never got past "collecting data to upload").

I restarted the game and went through the tutorial again without minimizing or alt-tabbing out of the game, and was able to go through clean.


  • staticostatico Member, Administrator

    Got it. Yep, there are definitely some bugs left with resizing and alt-tabbing and the like. Usually hitting Alt-Enter twice to toggle windowed mode and fullscreen and back fixes it.


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