Game doesn't work

FozzyFozzy Member
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I start up Atlas, log in, the game recommends the tutorial, so I click OK.

New window pops up, after 10 seconds the map appears, and I can click on the buildings, but no units ever spawn, I can't build anything, nothing happens even after waiting a minute or two, right clicking does nothing. I can hear the music, and a voice says "Welcome to Atlas Tutorial". I also can not exit out of the game. ESC, ALT-F4, Q, nothing works, so I have to ALT-TAB to the main Atlas window and quit the whole game.

Running Windows 7 64bit, Nvidia 260, Intel i7 920, 15 GB RAM

There is also no way to leave feedback through the game, which would be nice.


  • staticostatico Member, Administrator

    Hi Fozzy, sorry that this happened. Can you go into the game client, click the "?" in the upper right, and submit a bug report? That will give us some more information about your setup that will help us debug this.

  • FozzyFozzy Member

    Yeah... that's bugged too.

    If it helps it says at the top "We can submit a report for game Gc68edd26082944dbb78d46f1f857bcc4 which you started 5 hours ago."

    Screen says "Collecting data to upload" and has been stuck there for 5 minutes.

    I typed in my problem.
    The "Next" button isn't clickable.

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