Intro To Game - New Player

I understand this is still in the works but i want this game to be good so here are my thoughts:)
Tutorial Level:
The opening of learning how to move and how to control groups of units i thought was done as simply as it should be.
Suggestion : Also teach them how to alternately select units ( click and drag, individual select, ect.)

the abilities part was very rushed and didn't do much explaining on how abilities worked ( are there cool downs? do they cost mana(or whatever)? what do they do?). needless to say i was surprised it didnt follow games of the same genre in their type of tutorial levels.

introductions of the buildings were simple though i found it hard to identify what building i could warp in units at. I did however find the blue rings to be very helpful.

VS Bots:
Character select was kind of a surprise, i had no clue to what the abilities were or did. Little videos/demo levels to see the heroes in action would help me as a player understand the role of the character in game.

Didn't know i could customize my army until my second game, even then i didn't know what was good to pick to suite my play style. I did VERY MUCH enjoy that you have a wide variety of units to pick from. nice touch.

Once in the game i watched my AI partners go and attack a camp before i realized i wasn't spawned in and i was just right clicking for nothing :/ I felt kinda dumb at this point

As the initial couple minutes went by without a solid direction to play i kind of found my own feel to the game. After winning i understood how the game was sort of meant to be played, gonna need a few more games but i like the feel of it so far ( after my initial reactions that is).

// If day[9] could make a video of himself playing and explaining things, that would help a ton. Just to see how the game is supposed to be played and what are some things to do in certain situations.

////Overall thanks for letting me play and i hope my input can help in one way or another, As a game designer myself i understand the need for feedback. GLHF.

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