Upgrade Symbol Confusion

BaconBacon Member

The upgrade symbol being a lightning bolt confused me when i saw it being listed in the same area for the unit cost

for example- a unit cost 100 green gears, 8 red people symbols, 2 blue lightning bolts, and 5 yellow people symbols

it made me think there was some sort of "energy" resource we could get later in the game that would be a consumable considering i needed 2 for one unit and 3 for a different one

I usually see upgrade symbols in combat-based games being military insignia
level 1 tech = Private = 1 blade
level 2 = corporal = 2 blades
level 3 = Sargent = 3 blade

if you don't like that since its the most used, maybe changing the color of the lightning bolt according to level, but the number next to a symbol normally meaning "energy" in other games felt unintuitive for upgrade


  • Day9Day9 Member, Administrator

    We've heard a number of people talk about the confusion of the 'number' associated with tech level. As you suggest, very often numbers = resources in an RTS so it seems reasonable to hunt for a different representation.

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