I was kinda lost in my first game..

To be clear, I have played about 10 mins of Heroes of the Storm and aside from that I've never played a MOBA before. I've played Starcraft since the original came out and have always loved it and always been mediocre to bad at it honestly (I really only play the campaign though and some co-op since Legacy of the Void).
I played through the tutorial for Atlas and felt I had a reasonable grasp on things, but then when the first practice game started, I only really knew that I needed to make titans, summon units, and move forward (I played the red hero, Eris, for my first game). I had no idea that I had to upgrade anything (I suspected that might come up, but I didn't immediately see where or how that would happen). I then went right into doing what I had done in the tutorial, walking forward and summoning stuff sometimes, and I honestly didn't really know if I was making any progress or what I was supposed to be doing. About 10 minutes into the game, I realized that I was getting hurt too much and my units felt insufficient, but I didn't know what to do about it. It was only at about 15 minutes in, when I accidentally clicked on one of the buildings that I had spawned near, that I figured out how/that I was supposed to upgrade my units. At that point, I was able to summon more advanced units. I had been getting a bit bored and frustrated up to that point because I was only making the same units, and then they would die very quickly, but the new units made it feel more fun and interesting with both bigger, bulkier units, as well as having more abilities to manage.
I realize that much of this is probably a result of my own inexperience and so the average player might not experience things quite like I did, however, as, frankly, a noob, I felt pretty lost and insufficient for the better part of the game, and I didn't even know that there was a way to help with that until I accidentally happened upon one.
One other issue I had was that I couldn't tell what terrain was able to be passed through and what was solid, again here, I accidentally discovered that the weird tall grass looking stuff could be passed through, but before then I had been walking all the way around in order to get to somewhere that was easily accessible through this section.
I hope this helps, and I'll continue to play when I can during test weekends so I can give further inexperienced feedback.

Thanks for this opportunity!

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