Feels like a mix of games

rEXrEX Member

(THIS IS MY VIEW OF THE GAME AFTER THE TUTORIAL AND A SINGLE AI MATCH) To me the game feels like a moba with a hero unit, Halo Wars where units can be made are not deployed into battle instantly, playing Protoss with warp ins, and a brood war client lay out outside of gameplay. My concerns are the following: I feel like my hero doesn't even have a level, the whole game is slow, Core/Nexus has a lot of health, hard to micro the main hero, whatever the resource is that falls on the ground and I right click is I have no clue what the use of right clicking it does and why it is there. I enjoy the game and will play a few games during the weekend. I do not want to say where the game should be approved upon since it isn't my decision of what the game should be and what the developers want it to be.

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