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This is during the tutorial

  1. The Options UI (in particular the "Screen resolution" drop down) felt very sluggish when I was first presented with the options.
  2. After changing my resolution I was kicked right back to the tutorial without being able to change anything else.
  3. The screen resolution list is a little overwhelming for someone with 2x30" monitors. I guesstimate there are about 80 possible selections.
  4. "Windowed Fullscreen" doesn't appear to work. Alt-tabbing or clicking on my other monitor still minimize the window.
  5. None of the checkboxes indicate whether or not they have been selected (although it appears that they do register the selection, as "Mute all sounds" did work.
  6. The tutorial audio kept playing even with the window open. I would expect a single-player mission (or at the very least, the tutorial) to be paused while in-menu.

More feedback as I actually begin playing! :)


  • Day9Day9 Member, Administrator

    This is awesome! We'll be heavily re-evaulating all aspects of the tutorial/ui/ux after TW4!

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