Replay functionality (TW4)

DenHIMDenHIM Member

A few features that would be great to have in Replay mode:
1. Control groups. Right now, Control group assignments does not work in replays. Pressing 0-9 keys (to select a group) deselects currently selected unit.
2. Build queues. When I select a player's building, it would be great to see the regular in-game interface to watch build queues, available units etc.
3. Supply count in the resources view. The resources view only shows the "red" and "green" resources, but not the supply count of a player.
4. Camera follow. Would be nice to make camera (on demand) follow a unit around.


  • Day9Day9 Member, Administrator
    1. Control groups in replays should be possible. It would be very low on the priority list, but i'll add it in for now!
    2. Agreed!
    3. Agreed!
    4. This actually exists (select a unit, then press escape) but in a slightly awkward fashion. We'd like a better, clearer way to do it. We'll discuss for TW5!
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