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First Impression of the game: Interesting.

I literally wrote down a list of items while I was exploring and playing. I apologize if it's too big.

-0- Game Feedback
1. Video pop-up's need tweaking.
2. Faster production queuing.
3. Titan re-worked.
4. Nexus damage/defense.
5. Research and Upgrade tabs.
6. Queue limits and cancellations.
7. Gem Fountain change
8. Camera lock function
9. Hotkeys for selecting units
10. Non-linear Gem Fountain
11. Kingpin unit


-1- First thing I noticed, when I went into the learn tab of the screen to watch the video "welcome to test weekend 4", I couldn't hit escape to close out of the window nor was there and exit button on the pop up screen. I had to click away from the pop-up to close it. This seems a little strange for me.

-2- When playing the few games, that I did play, when I was building production units, I wanted to just hold down the hotkey for the production unit just to fill up my queue faster. I feel like having this kind of a function (similar to sc2) would greatly increase game play, with less button mashing, and more focusing on the battles.

-0- I felt that the movement algorithms in the game seemed a little clunky (but it's the pre-alpha, I understand). For example, My hero had trouble navigating around a rock when I wanted to just go on the other side of it. Same thing when I was in a battle. Trying to navigate my hero around minions was a slight task, the hero wanted to go back and forth instead of finding that "one path" to the destination.

-3- Titans seem to be a little overpowered. For example, as I was playing a bot game, the enemy bots were pressing hard onto my nexus. I went off the path a bit and grabbed some gems to summon a titan, hoping that it would lure them away and let me recuperate. I summoned 1 titan. By itself, it took out an entire Lane of towers and the nexus, making me win the game. maybe increase health/damage of the lane towers?

-4- I also felt that the nexus wasn't pumping enough damage out onto titans. I think the last line of defense should be a little bit more challenging, but instead can be taken out by a single titan, as stated above.

I feel like the nexus would be great with splash, slightly faster attack speed/damage, or more than 1 attack beam.

-5- I would love to have focused on battles at hand and gem collection, but could not. Why? Because I had to click on the minimap to get to the buildings for my upgrades and research. So maybe have a tab similar to the production tab would be nice?

-6- Speaking of research, is there a way to cancel a research or upgrade in queue? I notice that the queue had a lot of queue slots but I could only see three. I spammed one of the research items quite a bit and then decided to research something else, but that research didn't show up on queue for a while because it was waiting for the other research, that I spammed into queue, to finish.

-7- I think people should be present at the gem fountain for it to spawn gems for the titans. Instead of crystals just spawning constantly. Although the gems have a time limit for how long they are on the map, I still feel that this could be a little better. I could focus on another part of the map and eventually head back to the fountain to gain easy picking gems just lying there.

-0- The notification warning for "The nexus is being attacked" seems to come up too frequently. Hearing it every 3 seconds can get a little distracting and a little annoying after a while.

-8- I would enjoy some kind of camera lock function for game play. I love playing games where all I have to do is hold space bar to follow my hero around and release it when ever I need to look at something on the map. Scrolling to the side of the screen while trying to battle can be tedious.

-9- Any chance we could get some form of hotkeys to be able to set units, heroes, or buildings for easy access? I believe this would increase the meta game and make it flow a little more. I had a couple units I wanted to stay back at the nexus to protect it from weaker units but I also wanted to control the rest of my army that I was spawning and using in battles.

-10- I noticed the Gem fountain seems a little linear. Was this intentional? And what I mean by linear, is when a gem spawns, the blue gem and red gem spawn in a perfect line and exactly the same distance away from the gem fountain. I feel that if you have it randomly spout out gems in the area instead of being linear, it could cause for some interesting battles.

-11- The unit Kingpin, I feel that the movement is way too slow. the damage is great for taking out weaker units which is great, but I feel, for what I am paying for, it should move slightly faster.

-0- And Finally, I found that if the atlas program is minimized and idled for too long, the program itself stops responding. Trying to bring the window back up from being minimized just brings up a black box with nothing in it. I literally have to close the program from the task bar, by right-clicking on the program, or the ctrl+alt+del option.

Final feelings for the current game: 7 out of 10


  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    Couple super-quick notes

    Re: 9, you can set command groups for anything you can select!
    - Ctrl+# will SET your current selection to that command group, and can be recalled by pressing that # key (for example, Ctrl+1 will let you recall that selection with 1)
    - Shift+# will ADD your current selection to that command group. (For example, if you have 6 units on 1, and you select 3 new units and shift+1, you will have 9 total units on 1)

    Re: 10 -- Yep! Gems spawn symmetrically. In earlier versions, one team could get really bludgeoned by bad luck on spawns. Having them spawn symmetrically means that each team will have to take equal risks to claim the gem from that spawn.

    Re: 11 -- Excellent feedback. The numbers on units are all very subject to change, and feedback like this gives us a good gauge of where those numbers are relative to where we want them. In terms of the Kingpin specifically, try using them with a Transport! :D

    Thanks for the feedback. Great post! Enjoy the test weekend =)

  • YarukiYaruki Member

    Hah, I should have tried the Ctrl+#. I should be use to doing something like that. Thanks for the input =)

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