Tutorial felt fast

The jump from the tutorial to the bots intro games was a little much in terms of new information. In the tutorial if gave good explanations about how hero and advanced units work and general mechanics that which I was comfortable with when going into the bots intro game.

But in terms of base management and the principal around it I felt a little lost at first. The warping wasn't different since I played Starcraft 2 but it took a while to figure things out and having only three warp in location made the army feel slow in terms of reinforcements. Things like I don't really know what resources I'm picking up, where is this particular resource on the map. Or the where to do the research. How to upgrade my hero.

I feel like there could be a middle ground between the Tutorial and the bots intro to help explain upgrades, resources, base management and such since the leap makes the bots intro overwhelming for a majority of the game.


  • pnomolospnomolos Member

    I'll second this. Especially because once the Titan was warped in it went to town and finished the tutorial without me having to do anything. I only had the very basics down of what to do once I played a "real" game, and almost no clue as to how the neutral camp functioned.

  • MutableManMutableMan Member, Administrator

    These are great points! We definitely want to make it easy and fun to learn Atlas. While we won't have anything in time for TW4, I definitely want to get camps, resources, research, and upgrades all covered. I think you also hit on something important that the tutorial just feels to fast, better pacing will hopefully help make all the new info "stick"

  • PL55PL55 Member
    edited May 21

    I also thought the tutorial was not enough. I play LoL and have played a lot of AoE2 in the past, and I felt like I was more reliant on my past knowledge rather than what I learned in the tutorial. The intro bots were pretty easy to get past, but I didn't know how important it is to upgrade myself or whether items are useful at all. So when I went into a bot game I barely got by with just spawning titans. Along with what the administrator said about getting camps, resources, research, and upgrades covered, I think how to play against titans should also be added. Maybe another tutorial where there are scenarios that you will face in a typical game so you can be prepared for regular bots and eventually pvp.

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