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Welcome to Atlas!

Here's a written gameplay guide, it's definitely worth reading even if you play the tutorial. We also have more information on all units in Atlaspedia, under the learn tab of the game client.

Please watch the short orientation video below for more info about Test Weekend 4 and our goals.

(video removed)


  • FrankFrank Member

    Thanks for taking us on board -- looking forward to playtest this!

  • SlammeRSlammeR Member

    Man I am so excited, just got my invite!! I cannot wait to get into some gameplay :)

  • IronJimmyIronJimmy Member

    I hope im good this time around!! ive been a complete failure for all 3 playtests :)

  • zeekzeek Member

    Well I guess it's time to disappoint some teammates. Sorry in advance if you get stuck with me.

  • Awesome. Super excited to jump in after work tonight! Been wanting to get involved since you guys announced.

  • turkeyfoxturkeyfox Member

    omg i'm in, installing now

  • RushJetRushJet Member
    edited May 21

    Well put, Sean.. always concise. Looking forward to playtesting! :-) See y'all online

  • LewisLewis Member

    Woohoo I'm excited

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