Partymember(s) Fail To Load Issue

Captain Ruff, Nutshella, and I bring to you a special bug that's been affecting multiple users.

The Bug: Sometimes, when loading in as a party for PvE, a party member will be marked as not finishing the loading process for an indefinite amount of time, forcing the game to be quit and the client to be restarted as a whole for them to load into any game from then on. This bug takes place between match launch and squad selection screen.

Recreation: Have a party queue up; before launching into the match (squad selection screen seems easiest), a player (not party leader) quits. This causes the bug to appear when you attempt to queue up and load the next match together.

Temporary Solution: All players (except party leader, this doesn't appear to have any effect on them) restart client as a whole. They'll then be able to queue up as a party together and play a match without being stuck on the loading screen.

Suspected Cause: Something in the netcode that reads the player(s) who quit the previous match before match completion reads them as still in the game. That's what I think, anyhow. I've seen issues like this in the past with other games. In those cases, it was simply an issue of waiting for the server recognizing that the game had ended for the afflicted player. However, there seems to be no time limit for how long this issue persists for a player in Atlas.


  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    Thanks, Great repro!
    We're going to look into that asap.

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