Client and Outgame [Megathread]

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Comment on your experience outside of a game here.

When providing feedback, please use the following format:

  • X happened
  • It made me feel Y (or I’d like to feel Y)
  • (optional) Here’s a suggestion to improve it


  • Dumb things!
    * Clearing a privmsg clears all notifications (number of unread messages in Global/Support) in OSX Client on 10.11.4
    * OSX Notifications are shown as coming from Terminal, not from the .app (labeled under 'terminal notifier' in Notification Center

  • I know this is not on the top of your list of things to do, I just wanted to put it here for future updates.

    • X happened
      Atlaspedia is cut off partially when I access the website via mobile. Mercpedia isn't cut off but some of the formatting pushes the text in weird spots. I've tried Safari and Chrome on iPhone version 9.2.

    • It made me feel
      I would really like to have it readable on mobile so I can review the stats of units during the day. My work blocks artillery's website so I can't get it through a regular browser and it would be nice to have it when I'm not at my PC.

    • When first creating account, I was sent to the download page, but the page itself wouldn't load (download button didn't appear, just sat loading indefinitely). Then received e-mail to confirm the account, clicked confirm, but the tab containing Download page kept spinning. After refreshing the download page, it then proceeded to work fine.
    • This didn't really make me feel anything, just kind of an awkward UX
    • A lot of other games let you download the installer without verifying account/email, but would at least prefer some sort of "account not yet confirmed" page instead of infinitely loading page
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    ** X happened**
    Downloaded the initial client setup/verification went smoothly for me. After I opened the client for the first time I noticed it was downloading in the middle of the screen(as expected). What I didn't find was any indication of file size, only a progress bar. I live in an rural area where download speeds are not great so knowing a file size will give me an indication of just how long that download will take so I can go do something else instead of waiting at my PC.

    It made me feel Y
    A bit frustrated as I have to keep checking back on a progress bar and playing a guessing game by how far it has moved in a certain time.

    Here’s a suggestion to improve it
    Add a simple file size readout with a percentage on the download progress bar. If you want to get fancy even an indication of time based on file size.

    I realize most people have better internet than I do (avg dload speed of 1.5mbps) so this won't be a huge rush but should be relatively easy to implement. Thanks!

  • I was having some trouble with winning the video game so I asked for some pointers. Requiem totally stepped up and invited me to a party to give me some pointers. When I joined his party, I could see the chat from all the previous people in his party.

    It made me feel like I'd just seen women's undergarments for the first time. Naughty and delicious and it felt wrong to stare even though it was being publicly displayed just like that window in the mall.

    Here’s a suggestion to improve it: Clear screen for user joining a new chat.

  • CalvinCalvin Member
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    1) When I first got into the client I was presented with a progress bar for a download. It wasn't clear how long it was going to take / what exactly it was for / whether I needed to wait for it to finish before I could play or whether I just couldn't find the play button in the UI. I felt a little helpless - not sure what to click, where to look, etc. I recommend some sort of time indicator and maybe a hint that you can press the play button once the download is done. Otherwise great client UI!

    2) When my first PvP game ended I was automatically put into a chat room full of the game's players. It felt AWESOME! That was exactly what I wanted (and I didn't even know I wanted it). Great idea and good implementation. My only recommendation: don't display the game ID next to everyone's name when we're chatting; put it somewhere less obtrusive. Great stuff though!

    3) When I wanted to find my most recent replay I clicked on my name. It brought up a list of replays! How exquisite. But for some reason my most recent one didn't show up (bug?). Luckily I found the 'back' button in the top left and was able to find the score screen from that game. I feel like there could be a better way to browse replays.

    4) When I get out of a game I see some basic stats on the victory screen. I wish I had a screenshot but the right-side of the content is cut off. Resizing the screen (which has some odd behavior) didn't fix this. I felt a little frustrated at not being able to see all of the content but the screen is otherwise a very nice feature. Attached is a screenshot.

    5) When I change the settings in the options menu there is only a 'Back' button. I feel confused because I do not know if the settings have been applied / if hitting back will revert the settings. Having 'Apply / Done / Cancel' would be much more clear!

    Overall, great work on the client UI! It is a lot more polished / good looking than I would expect in pre-alpha.

  • NonordonNonordon Member

    I'm annoyed with not being able to mange the game settings without being in a game (maybe I missed where it is but I didn't see it). I'd like to be able to play around with the settings and make sure everything is good to go and functions well (such as res/binding my mouse to screen) without launching a game. I understand things such as graphical fidelity wouldn't be possible to know if it runs fine or looks nice, I just want the simple things like res.

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