Error Code CARROT (Missing MSVS 2013 C++ Redistributable)

EricEric Member, Administrator

Getting this error?

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Artillery Team


  • I installed the thing and ran it, still getting crashes

  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Hi Happyjr99 -- I'm interested in getting this solved for you (and anyone who might come along after and have the same problem).

    I see that you talked to @Requiem in the #Support chat channel. Did you end up with a workable solution?

    The line at the end of the log you uploaded (report 13f8979fed03) had this to say (for reference):

    TRACE_ERROR(d3d-device.cpp:713): Couldn't create texture2d: Unknown error 0x887A0005
    CHECK failed (D:\flexo-data\universe3\brokenarrow\emscripten\entity-lib\d3d-device.cpp:1564): rt != 0 failed to create coherent render target
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