T-Button Countdown Bug; Recall button audio

When building a Gem node after the 6-minute mark, I noticed that instead of displaying the actual cooldown in the UI, it would show 20 seconds of cooldown left, and hold until the final second was counting down in decimals. It remained consistent throughout the rest of my boy game.

I was playing as Celesta with 1 purifier and 15 Z minions (if I remember correctly). I play on Windows 7. It was like, 3 AM at the time.

Recall audio sound will play for units not recallable (such as the Ion Cannon neutrals). I can press it repeatedly and hear the audio consistently.

I was playing as Celesta.


  • MutableManMutableMan Member, Administrator

    Thanks for the reports! Hopefully they didn't cause too much confusion for you, I've added them to our issues

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