OS X: Frame Rate is very low — Windows 10 Bootcamp: Graphics card crashes after some time.

I'm on a Late 2013 MacPro running OS X, and I have also set up a Windows 10 Bootcamp partition. Each operating system has a different graphical issue when running the game. My graphics cards are a pair of AMD FirePro D300s.

OS X: The frame rate of the game hovers around 8, even when all of the graphical settings are turned down as low as possible.

Windows 10: My graphics cards have a known issue where they crash occasionally while running Windows. I have encountered this problem during alpha testing for another game, but a recent Bootcamp update has reduced the frequency with which it happens in that game. All the Atlas games I've tried to play produce this bug midday through the game. I think the timing of the crashes might be consistent, so next time I try to play on windows I will record the match time at which it crashes.


  • My frame rate is also very low on OS X always between 8 and around 12. is this the case for all OS X users? is it better on other operating systems?

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