Technical Replay Problem

I went to watch a replay of my first game, and after a few minutes, it just showed all of my units idling at my base until the other team ended up winning. In the real game, I would like to think that I never had my units just chilling out not moving, and more importantly I won the game.

In the replay is has me losing the game at around the 20 minute mark (at which point I stopped watching), but I am assuming the bots continue to duke it out for awhile longer, since the replay is ~39 minutes long.

Is this what happens when you get disconnected? I didn't see any error message pop up while I was playing. What would have happened if I disconnected in a PvP game?


  • staticostatico Member, Administrator

    Sorry about that! Bot replays are broken at the moment -- they'll desync immediately after starting, which causes units to run in place like you've described.

    PvP replays will definitely work, however! Get ready for tomorrow :)

  • Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to tomorrow!

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