Black Screen upon pressing PLAY

ShizuneShizune Member
edited December 2015 in Help & Support

After launching the game runner, I receive a black screen, I can hear the music of the game (which I have learned I quite enjoy after attempting to fix this) as well as a sound effect indicating that the program has started. Using an AMD graphics card, I have configured the switchable graphics in every possible combination for both the coherentui_host as well as atlasrunner, to no avail. If there are any suggestions/known fixes, I would be happy to hear them.

EDIT: The mouse cursor does change to the game's native cursor skin, and is confined to the window until tabbing out, all of which I assume to be normal, but just giving as much information as I can to ensure that the specifics of the situation are known.


  • Managed to figure it out, after restarting my computer and reinstalling the client did it manage to work, hope this helps others in the same position! ^.^

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