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Atlas Test Weekend #3

Eric Burkhart by Eric Burkhart
on 07 April 2016

On Thursday, April 14th, we’ll invite 1,000 new players to join the Atlas Test Weekends. Upon receiving an invite you are free to play in this and all future Test Weekends. Bots will be available throughout the event (including co-op), and PvP will be enabled on Sunday, April 17th between 12 - 5pm PST. Atlas will go offline again early on Wednesday April 20th.

We’ll be sending invite keys to selected people on our mailing list, so make sure to sign up and fill out this quick survey for a chance at an invite! For more details on the Atlas Test Weekends, check out our earlier blog post.

Pre-Alpha NDA

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of our players for not breaking our NDA and avoiding public discussion, images, and videos of the game. The Atlas pre-alpha Test Weekends involve showing experimental ideas mixed with placeholder systems, and since most of the current core gameplay systems will see large changes or be replaced, public exposure would cause more confusion and misunderstanding than constructive discussion.

If you do happen to see Atlas being discussed in public, please help us spread the word about the pre-alpha nature of these tests and the scale of changes ahead. As a small, independent studio, we’re grateful to have a community that helps us make Atlas great so early in the design process :)

This blog is publicly visible, so please save gameplay questions and discussion for the private Atlas forums when they re-open on Thursday, April 14th, 2016. We’ll make sure to go over all the changes since our last Test Weekend in depth over there!

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